We may start count down for “The 4th Pattaya International Pigeon Race”. ( final race : 10th -12th Jan 2020 ) Almost four months, the final race will take off from 10th -12th Jan 2020.
        It is time for our feather sport team from various nationalities to show their power and strength after being trained intensively by our pretty trainers. Surely, we are impressed in their condition which is the consequence of feeding program, vitamins and the appropriate training   morning and afternoon. That is why they are ready to go road training and the races to come, this  year we have 5,095 birds registered from 38 nations. It is the new history that we have the most participating birds and nations in this year since we organized the competition. Competition will be tougher with 11 more countries participating.
        For the start, the qualified test at 120 km of November 2019 ( Sanamchaikhet , Chachengsao )
1st Hotspot 330km on 13th Dec 2019  (Krabcheng , Surin)
2nd Hotspot 430 km officially recognized by FCI on 27th Dec 2019 (Kantharak , Sisaket)  
Final Race 530 km on 11th Jan 2020  (Sirinthon , Ubon Ratchathani)
Remark :1.) Basketing will be 1 day before the race
                2.) Training and racing programs will be postponed if the weather was not favorable.
               All fanciers and participants can view our programs from our website : www.pattayaoneloftrace.com , Line id: 0830299888, Facebook :  pattayaoneloftrace.
            Should you have any queries, you can call Mr Kenny mobile: +6683-029-9888 or E-mail : pattayaoneloftrace@gmail.com .