Pigeon Collection

From 1st March - 31st July 2022

  1. Participants must complete the Entry form. Full Name, Mobile no., and a valid Email are required to register PIPR account exclusively for Participants on   
  2. In the event, the participant has a representative for entering pigeons, who is not the actual owner. Owner representative must obtains a letter of authorization from the pigeon’s owner.
  3. Domestic and International participants must accept terms and conditions as set out by the organizer.
  4. These pigeons must have an age of approximately 45-60 days. They must have properly fitted pigeon rings indicating the country of origin and year 2022. Pigeons must had been vaccinated against Paramyxo Virus, Pox Virus and treated with Tetracycline at least 3-5 days.
  5. In some countries or areas experiencing pandemic outbreak. The Organizer reserve the right to NOT accept birds from these countries to enter the race.
  6. Team Name/Syndicate name have to finalized once entering the first pigeon to the race. Team Name/Syndicate name change will be prohibited afterward. 
  7. After the pigeon has been sent to the organizer. They will be under the supervision and training process of the organizer, the participant shall have no right regardless of needed pigeon back or engage in a physical contact with the pigeon.
  8. The organizer will cover the Chip Ring of all pigeon in order to prevent any tampering or cheating. 
  9. Unready pigeons either in the Qualifying toss 120km or races, the outcome shall be decided by the organizer as the final decision.
  10. Final Race 530km will be recognized by FCI Racing Pigeons Grand Prix.
  11. Each Hotspot Race being 245km, 280km, 330km, 430km and 530km. Organizer will run the clocking system for 3days (Clock System will begin on the release day at release location (Timing is cut-off  at 18:00 hrs.) (6.00 pm GMT+7) 
  12. Participant required to provide Pedigrees of all pigeons who meet the Auction’s criteria to the organizer within 5 days from the Final Race 530km.

Subsciption Fee and Prizes

  1. The subscription fee is US$ 550/Pigeon.
  2. The participant shall pay Entry fee of US$ 550 right on enter the first pigeon to the organizer; whereby such payment shall be made per each Team name/Syndicate name in the race. For example: TEAM DAY sends 12 pigeons, they shall pay Entry fee of US$550/Team. As well as TEAM NIGHT sends 60pigeons. They also pay Entry fee of US$550/Team.
  3. In the event of pigeon died, the organizer will inform the participant of such incident; whereby the participant may replace with new pigeons in the acceptance period.(1March - 31July 2022). The organizer will not be responsible for the illness, death, or loss of pigeons in any cases. 
  4. In case of participant who has none pigeon left on the Basketing day in the Qualifying toss 120km. The Entry fee of US$550/Team will be refunded.
  5. Upon completion of the Qualifying toss 120 km, the organizer will be invoiced you subscription fee for all pigeons that returned and less the Entry fee that had been paid at the beginning. This subscription fee will activate qualified pigeons for the next 5 subsequent races.  For example: Participant send 12pigeons, there are 10 pigeons returned in the Qualifying toss 120km, so the subscription invoice will be for remaining 9 pigeons.
  6. Freight and shipping expenses will be responsible by the Participant.
  7. Only US dollar (US$) and Thai baht (THB) are acceptable for the payment. Any outstanding balance  must be made in the same currency that was previously paid.
  8. Prize money will be paid in the same currency as Entry fee, after withheld tax deduction of prize money in accordance with the taxation law in Thailand.
  9. The participant can inquire to receive prize money at the Royal Trophy Ceremony Banqueted by submitting the Entry form for reference purpose and copied of ID card/Passport.
  10. For your convenience of receiving prize money from the races. We need your valid banking details prior to time. As follows: Beneficiary’s Account name, Beneficiary’s Account number, Bank name, Bank address and SWIFT CODE.
  11. PIPR’s account details to transfer Entry Fee and Subscription Fee in US$ as follows. Kindly sent the proof of payment to                             

Races Program

Qualifying toss  120 km (November 2022) Srimaha Phot District, Prachinburi Province
Hotspot1: 245 km. Friday 8th December 2022    Ta Phraya District, Sa Kaeo Province
Hotspot 2: 280 km. Wednesday 14th December 2022  Ban Kruat District, Buriram Province
Hotspot 3: 330 km. Tuesday 20th December 2022  Kap Choeng District, Surin Province
Hotspot 4: 430 km. Thursday 28th December 2022  Muang District, Sisaket Province
Final Race 530 km. Saturday  7th January 2023      Sirindhorn District, Ubon Ratchathani Province

* Basketing Bird: 1 day before the race
** Final Race 530 km. will be recognized by FCI Racing Pigeons Grand Prix

Team Prize calculation

Only pigeons who ranked in the Top 500 rankings in the Final Race at 530 km are eligible for the Large team and Small team prize.  

In the top 500 rankings, the team with the highest number of returned pigeons will be the winner.  In the event of an equal number of returned pigeons, the winning team will be determined from the lowest of total ranking of all pigeons as score from the Top 500 rankings. And in the event of equal score will be  determined from the 1st returned pigeon of each team. The team with the best ranking of the 1st returned pigeon will be the winner and will be awarded the Team prize. 

Pigeon Auction

  1. Pigeon Auctions are Online at and
  2. All pigeons in the Top 500 rankings from the Final race 530 km. need to be auctioned.
  3. Ace Pigeons, the Top ranking 1-100 need to be auctioned.
  4. Winners of Hotspot 330 km and Hotspot 430 km, the Top rank 1-5 need to be auctioned.
  5. All overseas pigeons with ranking 501 onward from the Final race 530km need to be auctioned.
  6. The organizer has the right to select the pigeons that have returned from the final race at 530 km that are interesting for the auction.
  7. The organizer will deduct a processing fee 10% of the selling price before allocating a share of the auction money.
  8. A share after deduction of processing fee, Breeder takes 60% and organizer takes 40%.
  9. Any pigeons sold on auction website, but organizer did not receive payment in a specified time frame.  The organizer has the right to republish such pigeons on the auction website again and adhere in the latest auction price as starting. 
  10. The remaining pigeons from the auction. Breeder can buy them back by contacting the staff to pay the processing fee of 10% and the organizer share 36% of the starting bid price on the website.
  11. All remaining pigeons from the auction and the pigeon that owner not interested in buying them back.  The organizer will take ownership of these pigeons and the organizer will have the right to take any actions as deemed appropriate.
  12. The pigeon’s owner shall be responsible for withholding taxes or expenses pertaining to the prize money or proceeds in accordance to the taxation law in Thailand.
  13. In any pertaining freight expenses shall be responsible by the bidder.
  14. The organizer will use the foreign exchange rate indicated by the Bank of Thailand.

*** The organizer shall have the right to amend or modify the aforementioned rules and regulations without prior notice.  ***