Ace Pigeon and Team



            All pigeons that passed the Qualifying toss 120 km. and fanciers complete full payment for the activation fee within the specified time, Those pigeons would be eligible to compete the ACE Pigeon The Ace Pigeon must have completed of 5 races and have ranking recorded from 245 km, 280 km, 330 km, 430 km and 530 km. Organizer will run the clocking system for 3days (Clock System will begin on the release day at release location (Timing is cut-off at 18:00 hrs.) (6.00 pm GMT+7) )

Ace Pigeon calculation

            Ace pigeon is required to have ranking recorded from 5 races, by summarize ranking of each spot as scores. Therefore, the pigeon with the lowest total score will be the winner. The score of each race will using the following formula.


Score=     Rank x 1,000  X  1
Total basketed pigeons x Distance                             (1+Days arrived after winner)            



Team Prize




   * 10 pigeons that entered by using the same team name considered as a 1 Large team   * 6 pigeons that entered by using the same team name considered as 1 Small team


  • Pigeons that were sent to compete under the same team name complete according to the specified amount. Within the application closing date (30th June, 2024), They would be eligible to compete for team prizes. No matter how many pigeons will remain after passing the Qualifying toss 120 km.
  • Participants who eligible to nominated into teams. Pigeon’s ring numbers in Large Team and Small Team can be duplicates. But ring numbers of. each Large team must not be duplicated And ring numbers of each small team must not be duplicated.
  • Participants must provide the organizer with the ring number that will be nominated/arranged to the team “in writing”. By the Large team, please enter the word (L-TEAM A), (L-TEAM B), (L-TEAM… Alphabetize A, B, C, ….. …) and By the Small team, please enter the word [S-TEAM A], [S-TEAM B], [S-TEAM… Alphabetize A, B, C, ….. …] Append to the team name.
  • Team nomination is required to indicate ring numbers in each team to the team application form and sent to the organizer within 15 days, after the Qualifying toss 120 km. 4. In the event of unconfirmed team nomination within a specified time frame. Arranging teams will be done by the organizer who will group the ring numbers in sequence number automatically.
  • Upon completion of the team confirmations to the organizer, any changes, modifies are not allowed


Team Prize Calculation

            Only pigeons who ranked in the Top 500 rankings in the Pattaya Grand Prix 530 km are eligible for the Large team and Small team prizes. In the top 500 rankings, the team with the highest number of returned pigeons will be the winner.

            In the event of an equal number of returned pigeons, the winning team will be determined from the lowest of total ranking of all pigeons as score from the Top 500 rankings. And in the event of equal score will be determined from the 1st returned pigeon of each team.   The team with the best ranking of the 1st returned pigeon will be the winner and will be awarded the Team prize.  


Team Nomination Example

            Example TEAM DAY entered total 12 pigeons as follows.

                            TH P 24-00001          TH P 24-00004          TH P 24-00007         TH P 24-00010

                            TH P 24-00002          TH P 24-00005          TH P 24-00008         TH P 24-00011

                            TH P 24-00003          TH P 24-00006          TH P 24-00009         TH P 24-00012             


            Nomination to 1 LARGE TEAM, and 2 SMALL TEAMS << Example: There are 10 pigeons passed the Qualifying Toss 120 km, TEAM DAY can nominate to 1 Large team and 2 Small teams.


Large Team

Small Team

      1. TH P 24-00001  1. TH P 24-00001 
  2. TH P 24-00002 2. TH P 24-00002
  3. TH P 24-00003 3. TH P 24-00003
  4. TH P 24-00004 4. TH P 24-00004
  5. TH P 24-00006 5. TH P 24-00006
  6. TH P 24-00007 6. TH P 24-00007
  7. TH P 24-00008  
  8. TH P 24-00009 DAY [S-TEAM B]
  9. TH P 24-00010 1. TH P 24-00008 
  10. TH P 24-00012 2. TH P 24-00009
    3. TH P 24-00010
    4. TH P 24-00012